Small things

Least Recently Used cache

A thread-safe LRU cache, written in go. The cache's cap is based on the number of bytes stored within it, as opposed to the number of items.

Bcrypt speed in Go

Measures the speed of bcrypt in Go for each of the supported costs.

Zend Framework config dump

A Zend Framework 2 module that provides a simple method for dumping an application's current configuration array to the commend line. This is useful when some of the application’s configuration is set via environment variables, as is common when using container services.

Installing APCu in PHP-FPM in Docker

Just because it took me a while to get it working...

Old Links

Big things

Local KMS

A mock version of AWS' Key Management Service, for local development and testing. Written in Go.

Lowest Latency

Simple tool for finding the AWS region with the lowest latency to your IP address, according to Route 53.

DynamoDB Queue

A DynamoDB backed queue library, loosely based on Resque.