AWS Lowest Latency lookup

Lowest Latency is a tool that allows the you to determine the AWS region with the lowest latency to your IP address, according to Route53’s latency based routing. And it allows you to do this via a single HTTPS call.

I developed this initially as a proof of concept as to how we can help make applications more region aware. Then it became a bit of a novelty, satisfying a curiosity as to which Region AWS currently thought was "best" for me (it seems they do change their mind quite often).

And then finally I started finding real uses for it, especially on mobile application projects, and even more especially on projects on a tight hosting budget. So whilst we might ideally want to use DynamoDB Global Tables, S3 Transfer Acceleration, and a CDN everywhere, some projects just don’t have the budget for that. So when it comes down to "We have two buckets, one in us-east-2 and on in eu-west-2, which should our mobile user current access?"… this gives the app an answer with a single lookup.

Built almost entirely in Terraform.